September 13, 2001

Cast: Greg, Tony

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg is stood behind Tony at the machine. Tony is at the machine typing on the console.}
Greg: So, are the machines set to go two years into the future?
Tony: Nope. Five years.

Panel 2

{Greg raises an eyebrow. Tony turns around and looks at Greg.}
Greg: Five years? Why so far forward?

Panel 3

{Greg lowers eyebrow.}
Tony: Think about it... If we go five years into the future, we can get all these games out of the bargain bin... And they'll be the most stable builds, too.

Panel 4

{Greg raises eyebrow and crosses arms. Tony turns around and types on the console.}
Greg: So we're impatient and cheap. Good combination.
Tony: I thought so.

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