October 29, 2004

Cast: Greg, Dave, Tony

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg is stood next to Dave, who is sat down. Both are facing the audience, looking out of the spaceship window onto Mars.}
Greg: Wow... Did you ever imagine you'd be on a spaceship looking down on the planet Mars?
Dave: Yes.
Greg: Oh.

Panel 2

{Greg is stood in front of Tony. Tony is sat down on a chair. Dave off panel.}
Greg: Tony, do you realize we're about to be the first human beings ever to set foot on Mars?
Tony: The thought had occurred to me, yes.

Panel 3

Greg: Are we bringing down stuff to build an outpost? Terraformers to melt the ice caps?

Panel 4

{Tony lowers his eyebrows menacingly.}
Tony: If by terraformers you mean an army of evil robots to do my bidding while claiming the planet for my own... Then yes.
Greg: {not surprised} Yes. That's exactly what I meant.

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