November 08, 2004

Cast: Tony, Dave, Greg

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tony is stood facing Dave and Greg. Each have spacesuits on.}
Tony: Allright guys, I've got the terraformers all set and working, the dimensional door beacon placed, and all kinds of sensors and other equipment placed. Everyone, back on the bus.

Panel 2

Greg: Ooh, wait! One sec... There's one more thing I have to do!

Panel 3

{Greg leaves. Dave stands next to Tony. Tony and Dave raise an eyebrow. "Ksssht! Ksssht!" is heard.}

Panel 4

{Tony is stood facing Greg. Greg looks smug with his arms crossed and is holding a spray can. The rock has "Greg Was Here" written on it. Dave off panel.}
Tony: My, my... We're just making all kinds of firsts here, aren't we?

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