June 16, 2006

Cast: Tony, Cliff, Dave

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tony and Cliff are stood next to each other wearing spacesuits.}
Cliff: So are you gonna name any of the geographical features now that you're running the place?
Tony: Yeah, I suppose so. They sound too scientific for my tastes.

Panel 2

{Dave arrives. Tony turns around and looks at Cliff.}
Cliff: Hey, can I name the first continent?

Panel 3

{Cliff leaves. Dave moves closer to Tony. Tony looks at Dave.}
Dave: Tony, Mars is a barren planet. Technically, there only is one continent.

Panel 4

{Tony looks ahead. Cliff off panel.}
Tony: Actually, based on the topographical data, as soon as I melt the ice caps, this spot will be an island roughly the size of New Hampshire.
Cliff: {off panel} I dub this planet "Clifftopia!"

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