November 28, 1999

Cast: Greg, Tony, Dave

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg, Tony and Dave are sat at the table. Greg has his fist clenched. Tony is pointing at Greg.}
Tony: Okay, there's only one hobgoblin left. You won the initiative... Roll a D20.

Panel 2

{Greg looks down. Tony stops pointing.}
Greg: 10
Tony: You miss. The hobgoblin attacks... And misses.
Greg: 7
Tony: Miss. Hobgoblin misses.
Greg: 9
Tony: Miss. Hobgoblin misses.

Panel 3

Greg: 12
Tony: Miss. Hobgoblin misses.
Greg: 4
Tony: Miss. Hobgoblin misses.
Greg: 17

Panel 4

Tony: Hit! Roll a D6 for damage!
Greg: 1

Panel 5

{Greg lowers hand. Everyone is silent.}

Panel 6

{Dave crosses his arms.}
Tony: *sigh* Okay, the hobgoblin takes 1 hit point of damage and, uh... seeing how badly wounded it is, decides to end it's life and stabs itself. ... And misses. *whimper*

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