November 02, 2004

Cast: Tony, Greg

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tony and Greg are sat on lawnmower chairs wearing space suits. Greg is holding a can of Pepsi.}
Tony: You know, all things considered, Mars is actually quite a nice planet as is.
Greg: How do you figure?

Panel 2

{Greg raises eyebrow.}
Tony: Well, it's fairly termperate, the red sky is kind of a nice change, and there's really nobody else here to annoy me.

Panel 3

{Greg lowers eyebrow and places Pepsi can to his helmet.}
Tony: Details. I suppose I could terraform the place, but that would just be an invitation for more people to come colonize it.

Panel 4

{Greg lowers can and raises eyebrow.}
Greg: Are we really having this discussion?
Tony: I'm thinking of building a summer home with a nice view of Olympus Mons from the living room.

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