November 17, 1999

Cast: Greg, Crystal, Dave

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg, Crystal and Dave are sat at the table. Greg and Crystal are looking at Dave.}
Dave: *sign* Okay, so we'll make a comic about our lives. Where are we going to put it? It's hard to get syndicated, you know.

Panel 2

{Crystal raises her hand slightly.}
Crystal: You know, we could put it online - there are a lot of online comics these days.
Greg: Yeah!!

Panel 3

{Crystal lowers her hand.}
Dave: Hey, that's not a bad idea! We could use my spare overclocked Pentium III 450, get a DSL line, and we'd be in business!

Panel 4

{Dave crosses his arms.}
Crystal: Uh, why don't we just use the web space my ISP gave me?
Dave: Oh, sure, if you wanna do it the easy way...

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