November 16, 1999

Cast: Greg, Crystal, Dave

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg, Crystal and Dave are sat at the table. Dave has his hand raised slightly.}
Dave: Alright, fine. So we'll make a comic. What do we make it about? We'd need characters, a plot... And my ideas all involve Amazon women.

Panel 2

{Greg raises hand slightly. Crystal looks at Greg. Dave lowers hand.}
Greg: Well, how about this?
Dave: How about what?
Greg: This. Our life. Let's make a comic about what we do.

Panel 3

{Greg lowers hand. Crystal points at Greg.}
Crystal: Wait a second... You want to make a comic about us sitting around and doing nothing?
Greg: Well... Yeah, sorta.

Panel 4

{Crystal lowers hand and looks at Dave.}
Dave: Great. We'll make the first one about how stupid your ideas are.

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