November 15, 1999

Cast: Greg, Crystal, Dave

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg and Dave are sat at the table. Crystal is stood behind the table holding a can of Pepsi.}
Greg: Dude, I'm bored. Let's do something.
Dave: Sounds good to me. Whaddya wanna do?

Panel 2

{Crystal sits at the table and puts the can on the table.}
Greg: Geez, I dunno. What do you wanna do?
Dave: I dunno. Hey Crystal, what do you wanna do?

Panel 3

{Greg and Dave become demoralised.}
Crystal: I dunno.

Panel 4

{Greg and Dave smile. Crystal looks at Greg.}
Greg: Hey... I've got an idea! Let's make a comic!
Dave: Whatever.

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