November 14, 2000

Cast: Greg, Dave, Person

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg is stood in front of couch holding a clipboard and looking at it. Dave is stood behind couch with eyebrow raised.}
Greg: Potato chips... Check. Spare controller... Check. Bedpan... Check. NoDoz... Check.
Dave: What's all this?

Panel 2

{Greg turns and faces Dave. Dave lowers eyebrow.}
Greg: Well, Final Fantasy 9 comes out tomorrow, so I've got to prepare for some serious all-nighters.

Panel 3

{Beeps are heard coming from the left side of the panel. An exclamation mark appears above Greg's head. Dave raises eyebrow.}

Panel 4

{Greg turns around and points to the right side of the panel. Person off panel.}
Greg: Okay, put fifteen boxes of Pepsi over by the big fridge, and leave the other ten here behind the couch!
Person: {off panel} You got it!

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