The New Order of Total Conformity (abbreviated N.O.T.C.) was a government installed by Tony Flansaas during his complete and total rule over Earth.

History Edit

Creation Edit

The New Order was created on January 8, 2002, where he introduced the style of rule to his citizens in all of his glory. One of the specific rules was that Tony would henceforth be titled "Lord Flansaas", and that anyone whom spells his last name wrong would be shot. It became a dictatorship as Lord Flansaas arrested people who irritated him.

Battle for the Earth Edit

The Order faced the greatest challenge of its small existance when Liz Mosely stood up against the regiment. The two agreed on a duel, and Ghost Recon was the specific game chosen by Tony. It was labelled the "Battle for the Planet" by the news, and soon Lord Flansaas successfully won the tournament due to his God-like skill at the game.

The Fall Edit

After Tony won, the New Order was soon to become the most greatest dictatorship ever, but when his secretary Alan Extra told him the death ray would be impossible to build due to money restraints, he gave up his title and handed it to Liz. The N.O.C.P. was then disbanded as a consequence of his actions.

Positions of Power Edit

  • Lord of Earth - Tony Flansaas
  • Prime Minister of Zimbabwe - Greg Dean (revoked after traitorship was discovered)
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