March 08, 2006

Cast: Tony, Greg

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tony is sat at his computer. Greg is stood behind Tony.}
Tony: Okay... That takes care of my preliminary designs.
Greg: Cool beans... What's she got?

Panel 2

{Greg raises an eyebrow.}
Tony: Let's see here. The basics - crew capacity for around 4000, (I need lots of minions, after all) it has a geodome as part of the main structure, with four smaller arms to house crew, and whatnot. A few docking bays, and escape pod.
Greg: Just the one?
Tony: This baby goes down, it's the crew's fault. Like I'm going to reward that kind of failure.

Panel 3

{Greg raises his eyebrows in surprise.}
Tony: Oh, and let's not forget the most important part of this whole shebang. It's got six arrays of laser turrets, seven in each, one hundred and twenty six railgun batteries, as well as a full armament of tactical nukes witha range of hundreds of miles.

Panel 4

{Greg raises eyebrow. Tony raises eyebrow.}
Greg: Dear God. Do you really think you'll need all that firepower?
Tony: {sinisterly} Only if I'm very, very lucky.

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