March 04, 2005

Cast: Soldier, Dave, Tony, Agent Johnson, Greg, Liz

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Soldier points a gun at Dave and Tony, both handcuffed and walkjing out the door.}
Soldier: Allright, let's move. Out to the van. You're going for a ride.

Panel 2

{Soldier, Dave and Tony leave. Agent faces away from audience looking at Greg. Greg is handcuffed.}
Greg: Hey, what the hell did Dave and I do?! Why are you taking us in?!

Panel 3

{Panel pans behind Greg's head.}
Agent: Mr. Dean, we have satellite photos linking both you an Mr. Reynolds to the China incident in 2003. Until we know your full involvement, you're both suspect. Let's move.

Panel 4

{Agent and Greg leave. Liz stands at doorway with her arms crossed. Greg off panel.}
Liz: You better have him back here in time for the wedding!!
Greg: {off panel} Liz, priorities!! Seriously!!

The current storyline has been edited for television. All text in this font has been censored.

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