March 03, 2005

Cast: Scientist, Agent Johnson, Soldier, Tony

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Panel 1

{Scientist wearing biosuit in background. Agent has cigarette in mouth, pointing off panel. Tony is handcuffed and trying to move forward, but is held at gun point by Soldier.}
Agent: Allright, get all this into the trucks and over to the base. Team one, comb the rest of the place for anything out of the ordinary. And someone find that spaceship. We know it's here.

Panel 2

{Panel pans behind Tony. Agent takes his cigarette out of his mouth. Soldier and Scientist off panel.}
Agent: Mr. Flansaas, did you seriously think you could do the kind of stuff you do and get away with it indefinately? It's not like you've been trying to hide it, either. You use a credit card. You have a local bank account. You even pay your goshdarned taxes.

Panel 3

{Panel pans in front of Agent. Agent is holding the Interdimensional Remote. Another scientist walking past.}
Agent: You do know, after all, that you've been on our top ten most wanted list for the last four years, right?
Tony: Of course. I thought I had taken care of that, though.

Panel 4

{Panel pans behind Tony. Agent puts the Remote down and looks at Tony. Tony looks at audience, annoyed.}
Agent: You hacked into our mainframe and replaced your name with "Scott Stapp"! Did you think we were just going to show up to work and say "gee, I guess Tony went legit. Let's go get that 'Creed' guy"?
Tony: I thought I was killing two birds with one stone.

The current storyline has been edited for television. All text in this font has been censored.

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