June 09, 2004

Cast: Greg, Dave, Liz

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg is sat at his computer.}
Greg: "Assertion error"? What the hell is an assertion error?!

Panel 2

{Greg folds his arms.}
Greg: {angrily} What the hell are you trying to be assertive for, anyway?! You work for me, computer! ME! That's your place!

Panel 3

{Greg stands up on his chair and points at the monitor.}
Greg: {angrily} You may think you can start to stand up for yourself now, but the truth is you're nothing but a digital ox to pull my covered wagon of gaming! You are my slave, and don't you forget it!!

Panel 4

{Scene change. Dave and Liz are sat at the table each holding magazines. Liz is looking up. Greg off panel.}
Greg: {off panel} We'll see how assertive you are after running encryption cracking for a few hours, you overblown speak-and-spell!!
Liz: Oh, dear. Greg's oppressing the computer again...

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