June 07, 2006

Cast: Liz, Greg

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Liz and Greg are looking out the window. Liz is looking at Greg. Greg is leaning on the window ledge.}
Liz: Hey sweetie... What are you doing up?
Greg: Oh, nothing. Just thinking about this space station, is all.

Panel 2

{Liz crosses her arm and places them on the window ledge, looking out the window.}
Liz: Yeah, me too. Something just doesn't seem right to me - why would Tony build this big giant space station just to have a place to house his experiments?

Panel 3

Liz: I dunno... I feel like he's got some nefarious ulterior motive. I don't know what it is yet, but I'm sure the two of us can figure it out.

Panel 4

{Liz looks at Greg.}
Greg: Actually, I was just thinking how much I would love to have some blinds in this room. I can't sleep with all that sunlight beaming in the window.
Liz: Oh, right. Of course. That's what I meant.

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