June 05, 2006

Cast: Liz, Greg, Tony

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Liz and Greg are stood next to each other facing Tony.}
Greg: Wait a minute... Did you just say you had enough steel to keep the world's foundries running for three years straight? You just started building this thing 2 months ago!
Tony: C'mon... I'm good, but do you seriously think I could pull this off in 2 months?

Panel 2

Tony: I've been subcontracting bits and pieces out to different periods of history. Most of the titanium was actually made in 2033, for the equivalent price of a Honda Civic. It got very cheap in 2025 for some reason.

Panel 3

Tony: Funny story about the steel, actually. You know how during World War 2, the women all joined up to help the industrial efforts. Building planes and all sorts of other heavy industry stuff?
Liz: Of course.

Panel 4

Tony: That was totally me. I won't lie. I did it largely for the chicks.

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