June 29, 2006

Cast: Greg, Person

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg is stood behind a podium. C.G.A. logo in background. Person off panel.}
Greg: Hello, my name is Greg, and I'm a casual gamer.
Person: {off panel} Hi, Greg!

Panel 2

Greg: It's been ten days since my last World of Warcraft login.
Person: {off panel} We're here for ya, buddy!
Greg: I tried logging in last night, actually, tried to break the cycle.

Panel 3

Greg: I even tried to do this quest they have going, where you can get a fiery hat. I figured those kinds of quests were hardcore... I could get out of my rut.
Person: {off panel} That's the ticket!
Greg: But then the quest said my level wasn't high enough, I... ...I get that a lot.

Panel 4

Greg: I've been spending so much time with my wife lately! Chores are getting done!
Person: {off panel} Casual gamingis a disease!
Greg: What's wrong with me?!
Person: {off panel} Admitting you have a problem is the first step!

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