June 27, 2006

Cast: Greg, Liz

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg is stood facing away from Liz. Greg is looking at Liz.}
Greg: See you tonight, sweetheart. I'm off to class.
Liz: You're certainly chipper this morning. Usually you're a zombie at this hour.

Panel 2

{Greg turns around and faces Liz.}
Greg: I'm excited about class today... We start "wine studies" this morning. Nothing like going to school and getting drunk on good wine.

Panel 3

Liz: You know they usually have you spit the wine out during a tasting, right? Especially in your case... I don't think the school is allowed to let you guys drink it.

Panel 4

{Greg turns around and starts to leave.}
Greg: What does or does not go down my gullet today is none of their business.
Liz: If you get expelled over a chardonnay I am going to kick your ass.

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