June 26, 2006

Cast: Greg, Liz

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg is sat at the computer. Liz is stood behind Greg.}
Liz: What are you looking up?
Greg: Well, I figure now that I'm 25, and can finally rent a car, I should look up rates and whatnot so I can go rent one.

Panel 2

{Liz raises eyebrow.}
Liz: What, now?
Greg: Sure, why not?

Panel 3

{Greg looks at Liz. Liz lowers eyebrow.}
Liz: Which reason do you prefer? "We already have a car", or "we're tight on money and can't afford to go around spending it on frivolous things like renting a car for no reason"?

Panel 4

Greg: Ummm... "D.) None of the above"?
Liz: I only listed two options.

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