June 22, 2006

Cast: Liz, Greg, Tony

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Liz and Greg are stood facing Tony next to each other.}
Greg: Well, it's been fun and all, but it looks like you've got your hands full with an impending CIA ambush.
Tony: Who doesn't?

Panel 2

Tony: It's a shame you can't stay, though. Yo uknow, I could totally set up a permanent housing for you here - I've got more or less unlimited resources. I've already got some pretty sweet digs set up for Dave and myself.

Panel 3

Greg: Thanks for the offer, but it would make the morning commute to school a bitch.
Liz: Not to mention the lack of proximity to a Gamestop.

Panel 4

{Tony looks up awkwardly. Greg raises an eyebrow.}
Tony: Holy crap, I hadn't thought of that. I wonder if they deliver?
Greg: I somehow don't think "next-day-air" covers this area.

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