June 20, 2006

Cast: Agent Johnson, Tony, Greg, Dave

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Agent is on the monitor of Death Station One with his eyebrow raised. Tony is facing away from audience looking at Agent.}
Agent: You know, Mr. Flansaas... I can't help but feel this call is solely for the purpose of gloating.
Tony: You're damn straight it is!

Panel 2

{Zoom into Tony. Tony has his arms crossed. Agent off panel.}
Tony: I've got a space station the size of a small city in orbit, aiming enough weaponry at Washington D.C. to turn it into the world's biggest post hole. I'd say I've got a lot to gloat about. So, as you can see, it would be pointless and foolish to try attacking us.

Panel 3

{Scene change. Panel pans behind Agent as he looks at the monitor. Tony on monitor.}
Agent: You make a compelling point, I must say.
Tony: So, we'll be seeing you and your men up here soon then, I take it?
Agent: I started preparations for an assault as soon as the call came in.
Tony: Righto.

Panel 4

{Scene change. Greg is stood behind Dave, who is sat at the control panel. Tony is stood at the other side of Dave looking at Greg.}
Greg: If I ever claim, at any time in the future, to understand you... ... On that day, let it be known that I will be a liar.

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