June 19, 2006

Cast: Agent Johnson, Tony

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Agent is facing away from the audience and sat at his computer. Tony is on the computer's monitor.}
Tony: This transmission is coming to you from the newly finished "DS-One", my new space station. Currently situated directly above Washington D.C.
Agent: Isn't "DS-One" kind of a misnomer, since you're not in deep space, but are actually just...
Tony: It stands for "Death Station"! Not everything is about Star Trek!!

Panel 2

{Scene change. Agent is on the monitor of Death Station One. Tony off panel.}
Agent: Why are you telling me this, anyway? I thought after our last encounter, we'd never see your face again. Now you're telling us where you are? It doesn't add up.

Panel 3

{Zoom in on Tony. Tony has his arms crossed. Agent off panel.}
Tony: It's not so much where I am that matters... It's more like what I'm on that I want you to be aware of. After all, what good is a weapon of mass destruction unless your enemy knows you have it? Besides, you hardly have the capability of coming up here to stop me.

Panel 4

{Scene change. Panel pans behind Agent as he looks at the monitor. Tony on monitor.}
Agent: What makes you so sure we haven't reverse-engineered your little spaceship?
Tony: You still have your sanity, so obviously you haven't seen the inside of the drive core. Its sheer complexity can cause a human brain to actually implode. Kind of fun to watch, actually.

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