June 15, 2006

Cast: Liz, Greg, Dave, Tony

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Liz and Greg are stood next to Dave, who is sat at a control panel. Tony is stood at the other side of Dave.}
Greg: Hey, Dave! I didn't know you were up here, too!
Dave: Yep. I'm in charge of all operations and whatnot.

Panel 2

Greg: What kind of stuff do you do, anyway?
Dave: Oh, mostly a lot of day-to-day stuff. Keep us in orbit, make sure life support is online... That kind of thing.

Panel 3

{Tony looks at Dave.}
Tony: Don't forget...
Dave: Yeah, yeah. I was getting to it. Tony also has me in charge of "administrative mischief." Basically, when he's not around up here, I get to do all sorts of evil things just to keep momentum.

Panel 4

{Liz raises an eyebrow. Dave looks at Liz and Greg.}
Dave: Lately I've been romely adjusting the timers on all the world's stoplights to stay green only long enough to let people get to the next intersection before it turns red.
Liz: Wow. That's... Subtle.
Dave: I am an arteest.

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