June 12, 2006

Cast: Liz, Greg, Tony

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Liz and Greg are stood behind Tony in a park.}
Greg: ... You built a park?
Tony: Well, yes. But I have good reasons.

Panel 2

{Tony looks back at Greg.}
Tony: This is one of four axial geo-domes. The plant life in these domes acts as a natural CO2 scrubber, and provides the station with all of its oxygen.

Panel 3

{Tony looks forward again.}
Liz: This place is enourmous! How big is it, anyway?
Tony: Well, these axial domes are roughly the size of Golden Gate Park... About 1.5 square miles.

Panel 4

{Tony turns around. Greg and Liz have their eyebrows raised high.}
Tony: The big one... Well, let's just say this. You know how big New Mexico is?
Greg: {amazed} Yeah?!
Tony: It's nowhere near that big.

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