July 20, 2006

Cast: Greg, Liz

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Panel 1

{Greg is stood in front of Liz, who is sat on the couch with her feet up. Greg is wearing a hat.}
Greg: My days of being mistaken as a tourist are over!
Liz: When did we ever have a problem being mistaken as tourists?

Panel 2

{Greg crosses his arms.}
Greg: Never mind that, for now people will know that I am a true San Franciscan.
Liz: Except you don't know anything about sports.

Panel 3

{Greg uncrosses his arms and points at his mind.}
Greg: Ah, see, I tought of that already, and to prevent any awkward moments, I've committed the Giants' roster to memory. Watch as I dazzle you with my small talk.

Panel 4

{Greg lowers hand.}
Greg: "Say, Will Clark sure is a great first-baseman, isn't he?"
Liz: Did you happen to look at the year on that roster?

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