July 19, 2006

Cast: Greg, Liz, Person

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg is sat at the computer. Liz is off panel.}
Greg: Hey Liz. Did you hear the news about the Pirates of the Caribbean ride?
Liz: {off panel} What news?

Panel 2

{Liz stands behind Greg's chair.}
Liz: Did it break down or something?
Greg: No... Apparently, they added in Jack Sparrow, and replaced the old pirate captain with Barbossa. They even put Davy Jones in as an image in a waterfall.

Panel 3

{Liz twitches her eye. Greg looks at Liz.}

Panel 4

{Scene change. Greg is stood in teh bathroom holding his mobile phone.}
Greg: Yes, officer - She's holed up in the closet and refuses to come back out unless I get her Rob Iger's head on a platter.
Person: {phone} Wow. That's three this week.

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