July 13, 2006

Cast: Alan, Greg

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Alan is stood in front of the counter holding a shirt. Greg is sat behind the counter. Box at top.}
Box: Still at Connecticon...
Alan: Hi there... Could I get you to autograph my shirt?
Greg: Of course.

Panel 2

{Greg takes the shirt and looks at it.}
Greg: Whoah!! This is the first cast shirt! This is like... Six years old!

Panel 3

{Greg looks at Alan.}
Alan: Yeah, I got it back when you had it on Cafepress. I just took care of it.
Greg: This is amazing!

Panel 4

{Greg stands up and walks over to the left side of the panel, using his thumb to point back at Alan. Alan turns around and looks at Greg.}
Greg: See this, people?! This is what a real fan looks like!
Alan: Could you hurry it up? I want to see Hawk and Ananth from Applegeeks.

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