July 12, 2006

Cast: Matt, Greg, Interviewer

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Matt and Greg are sat next to each other. Interviewer off panel.}
Interviewer: {off panel} Welcome to the "Starting a Webcomic" panel. Our panelists today include Matt Boyd from Mac Hall, Greg Dean from Real Life, Jeph Jaques from Questionable Content, and Woody Hearn from Gu Comics.
Matt: Hey.
Greg: Yo.

Panel 2

Interviewer: {off panel} So, before I get started with the meat of this discussion, how about you give aspiring webcartoonists some advice?

Panel 3

{Greg looks at Matt.}
Matt: Don't suck.
Interviewer: {off panel} *chuckle* Really though, what is your advice-

Panel 4

{Greg looks forward.}
Matt: No, I'm serious. Don't suck. That goes retroactively, too. If you currently suck or have sucked in the past, quit sucking.
Greg: I second the motion.

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