January 30, 2002

Cast: Greg, Tony, Alan

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg and Tony are stood outside next to each other. Greg is holding a plane.}
Greg: Time to see what this bad boy can do.
Tony: Is that a Balsa Wood Glider?

Panel 2

{Greg lifts the plane up and grabs the propeller. Tony raises an eyebrow.}
Greg: Yep. I found it, and souped it up a bit.
Tony: That's kind of a big rubber band, wouldn't you say?

Panel 3

{Greg throws the plane off the panel.}
Greg: Whoo-yeah!

Panel 4

{Scene change. Alan is sat in a plane dressed as an army pilot.}
Alan: Copy, control. We've got a blip on the radar... It's not big, but it's haulin' a heckuva lot of ass...

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