January 03, 2006

Cast: Greg, The Cartoonist

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg is stood with his arms crossed. Cartoonist is in the doorway.}
Cartoonist: ... And then these two guys jumped outta nowhere, put a bag over my head, and tossed me into a van! Then they tied my hands and locked me in a basement for days!

Panel 2

Cartoonist: Lucky for me, I had my swiss army knife, so I cut through the ropes, stabbed one of my abductors with the bottle opener to escape! And that's where I've been. Seriously.

Panel 3

Greg: Are you quite done?
Cartoonist: Umm... Yes?

Panel 4

{Cartoonist sadly walks away.}
Greg: {angrily} THEN GET BACK TO WORK.
Cartooonist: {sadly} Yes, sir.

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