November 28, 1999

Cast: Sagus, Kazola, Samwise

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Sagus is sat at the bar with his arm on the counter. Kazola is stood at other side of counter wiping cup.}
Sagus: So anyway, there I was, all alone in the dungeon, my companions slain, and completely out of reagents...

Panel 2

Sagus: I could smell the Dragon's breath as he approached me from behind, intending to make me his next victim.

Panel 3

{Samwise appears at the bar.}
Sagus: So bravely, I drew my sword, readied my shield, and charged the foul bea -
Samwise: Hi Kazola!
Kazola: {excited} SAMWISE!!

Panel 4

{Kazola puts away the cup, moves over to Samwise, and leans against the counter. Sagus looks at the audience.}
Sagus: {thought} *sigh* Bards always get the women.

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