January 24, 2002

Cast: Tony, Alan, Liz

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tony is sat down in his seat with his arms crossed. Banner of teh "N.O.T.C." in background.}
Tony: HAHAHA! Now that Liz has been defeated, there is nothing to stop my reign of terror!

Panel 2

{Tony uncrosses arms and clenches fist.}
Tony: I can rule the world with an iron fist, all the while looking very menacing and laughing maniacally! AH-HAHAHAHA!!!

Panel 3

{Alan arrives and stands in front of Tony's desk.}
Alan: Lord Flansaas, we've gone overbudget on the parts on your death ray. We'll need to re-evaluate our contractors for the remaining components, or we'll be in the red.

Panel 4

{Scene change. Tony is stood facing away from the table. Liz is sat at the table with her arms raised in celebration.}
Tony: Ruling the World is boring. It's all yours, Liz.

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