January 23, 2002

Cast: Liz, Tony

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Liz is stood in front of Tony's desk with her arms crossed. Tony is leaning back on his chair.}
Tony: Well, how does it feel to be 0wn3d so badly?
Liz: That wasn't a fair match and you know it.

Panel 2

{Tony leans forward and crosses his arms. Liz raises an eyebrow.}
Tony: Oh, it was a fair match, all right. And I think we both know what's been proven.
Liz: Oh so? And what might that be?

Panel 3

Tony: That I am not only a better ruler of the world, but am also a better human being than you in every way.

Panel 4

{Liz uncrosses her arms and leaves.}
Liz: You are so immensely full of crap.
Tony: I may be full of crap, but it's superior crap!

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