January 10, 2002

Cast: Tony, Person

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tony is stood behind a podium. N.O.T.C. banner on wall and podium.}
Tony: Welcome, peons, to the New Order of Total Conformity! I am your new leader, Tony Flansaas, to be known henceforth as "Lord Flansaas". Those who cannot spell my name will be shot.

Panel 2

{Tony points to someone off panel.}
Tony: Any questions before you begin your servitude? Yes, you in the front there.

Panel 3

{Tony stops pointing. Person off panel.}
Person: {off panel} Yes, um, Lord Flansaas - here in America, what are your plans to support our diverse culture? And do you have any such plans for nations abroad?

Panel 4

{Tony crosses his arms.}
Tony: Which part of "total conformity" don't you understand? Security, put that man in solitary confinement.

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