The Intergalactic Cruiser One (abbreviated IC-1) is a spaceship that was designed and fully created by Tony Flansaas.

Specifications Edit

The Intergalactic Cruiser One is a masterpiece that was fully devised by Tony as a way to travel to outer space. He specifically made the design so flawless that it ran on sour cherry bubble yum and Doctor Pepper.

Piloting is much easier as the controls are simplistic in nature, due to the use of a mouse and keyboard instead of the traditional controls.

There is no zero-gravity within the cruiser, as it would have taken too long to build into it, and there was no reason for it to exist.

The core of the spaceship is filled with strawberry jam.

History Edit

Mission to Mars Edit

Tony, after hearing about Spaceship One, decided to build his very own spacecraft, entitled the "Intergalactic Cruiser One". He announced its creation to Greg Dean on October 19, 2004. He designed it to run on sour cherry bubble yum, but the store only had original flavoured, thus preventing Tony from winning the X-Prize.

However, all was not lost, as Greg suggested to order it online, and thus the cruiser was allowed to travel to space the next day, soon reaching Mars. Afterwards, it travelled back to Earth.

Taken Edit

When Agent Johnson decided to take over the entire house, he soon discovered the cruiser and took it as his own, without Tony's permission. However, after extensive research into the core of the ship, all they found was jam, and they could not figure it out.

Command Positions Edit

The command positions were chosen on October 25, 2004, and were kept in that style. However, the positions would soon be abolished by Agent Johnson, whom commendeered several of Tony's inventions, including the cruiser.

Character Position
Tony Flansaas Leader
Greg Dean Second-in-command
Cliff Hicks Gunnery Sergeant
Dave Reynolds Helmsman
Elizabeth Dean Communications Officer
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