Real Life character
Greg Dean
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Age: 25
Job: Student Cook, Personal Assistant
First appearance: November 15, 1999
First line: "Dude, I'm bored."

For the person the character is based on, see Greg Dean (crew)

Greg Dean (born June 22, 1981) is the main character of the comic strip Real Life. He is married to Elizabeth Dean. His secret alternate ego is the Shirt Ninja, while his computer alias is Sagus.

History Edit

Prime Minister Edit

On January 9, 2002, it was revealed to Dave Reynolds that Tony Flansaas made Greg the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, as Greg thought the name sounded hilarious. However, covertly he was hired by Liz Mosely as a lackey. When this was discovered by Tony in his palace, Greg was fired.

Dean also has several books, workbooks, and a CD to accompany his success as a stand up comedian teacher and performer. One of his best known books, "Greg Dean Step by Step to Stand-Up Comedy", is probably one of the most clear, concisely put, and constructive books on comedy joke writing. Dean first goes into detail about the three mechanisms of jokes. These mechanisms explain the precise essence of a joke and allow the read to develop a critical understanding of the underlying priciples of joke writing. The next chapter in Dean's book provides and original system to write jokes anytime, anywhere without relying on the come-and-go lighting method of ideas that tends to be flaky. Dean's system allows you to write a joke about anything using a five step method and one of the most innovative systems in all of comedy which Dean calls the Joke Prospect. Using this method, I wrote a joke about toothpaste that got a good, hardy laugh. Dean's book is definitely a no-brainer. Although better suited teaching his craft, Dean also excels at numerous times performing stand up.

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Alternates Edit

  • Hue Control: Exactly the same as Greg.
  • Coke: He drinks Coca-cola rather than Pepsi.
  • Female: Owns Ultima Online 2 and is female, compared to everyday Greg.

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Prime Minister of Zimbabwe
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