February 07, 2002

Cast: Greg, Tony

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg and Tony are stood facing each other in the kitchen. Greg is looking at the pan.}
Greg: Oooh... Melting butter? What'cha makin'?
Tony: Just a snack.

Panel 2

{Greg looks at Tony. Tony points at the pan.}
Tony: Take two sticks of butter, and melt one in a saucepan.

Panel 3

{Greg looks disgusted. Tony holds butter and places his hand into the pan.}
Tony: Then, take the other stick of butter, and dip it in the melted butter! It tastes great!

Panel 4

{Greg sticks his tongue out in disgust. Tony raises the butter up and starts to eat it.}
Greg: I think I'm gonna be sick...
Tony: Butter-dipped-butter! Betty Crocker, eat your heart out.

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