February 5, 2002

Cast: Greg, Tony, Debbie, Waitress

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg, Tony and Debbie are sat in Denny's each reading a menu. Debbie is looking at Greg.}
Greg: Guh... Why do they have to give these things such stupid names?
Debbie: Oh, quit whining and just order your food.

Panel 2

{Greg looks up. Waitress is stood next to table with notepad and pencil. Debbie looks at her menu.}
Waitress: So, what can I get you tonight?

Panel 3

{Greg turns the menu around and points to an item.}
Greg: I'd like... That, please.
Waitress: I'm sorry, what is it you wanted, sir?

Panel 4

{Greg turns the menu back round. Waitress looks at notepad.}
Greg: *sigh* I'll have the "moons over my-hammy".
Waitress: Coming right up.

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