June 27, 2006

Cast: Dave, Greg

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Dave is stood next to the table. Greg is sat at table placing a label on a bottle.}
Dave: Stupid-sense tingling...
Greg: Hey Dave! Check this out! It's gonna make us rich!

Panel 2

{Greg holds up the bottle and shows it to Dave.}
Greg: Well, since bottled water seems to be getting so popular, I thought I should try marketing my own brand. And the great part is, the brand name assures them that it's quality!

Panel 3

{Dave takes the bottle and looks at it. Greg lowers his hand.}
Dave: "Not Poison". Wow.
Greg: See? Instead of worrying about whether or not it's poison, it tells you right on the label!

Panel 4

{Greg raises an eyebrow.}
Dave: "Contains no poisons, toxins, or other contaminants that other waters don't have." Greg, don't you think this will make people suspicious?
Greg: {confused} Why would they be suspicious? It says it's not poison, doesn't it?

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