February 25, 2002

Cast: Greg, Tony, The Cartoonist

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg is sat at the computer. Tony is stood behind Greg holding a sheet of paper.}
Tony: Dude, have you seen the budget the Cartoonist gave us for the comic this year?
Greg: Not yet... Haven't really had the time. Anything of interest?

Panel 2

{Greg turns his chair around as Tony shows him the paper.}
Tony: Yeah... It's way lower than it should be. We're gonna have to skimp on props.
Greg: What?! Why?

Panel 3

{Greg turns around and looks up. Greg takes the paper and puts it down.}
Tony: Well, from the looks of things, a computer error was sending checks to Danny, even though he's not in the comic any more. That's over a year of salary.
Greg: What?! Cartoonist, did you know about this?

Panel 4

{Greg gets the paper and looks at it. Tony looks up. Cartoonist off panel.}
Cartoonist: {off panel} Er... Yeah. Don't worry - I've got Ed in H.R. working on it.
Greg: You must have been paying him a hell of a lot to have a budget hole this big...

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