February 22, 2006

Cast: Teacher, Greg, Reid, Liz

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Panel 1

{Greg and Reid are stood next to each other behind the counter. Teacher off panel.}
Teacher: {off panel} Okay, it's 9:30, so let's get our stuff together and head to the basic skills kitchen on the fourth floor.

Panel 2

Teacher: {off panel} And don't forget, your homework tonight is to read the first two chapters of your safety and sanitation book. Be ready for a quiz tomorrow morning.

Panel 3

{Greg looks at Reid.}
Greg: Two chapters... That doesn't sound so bad.

Panel 4

{Scene change. Liz is stood in front of Greg, who is sat on the recliner reading a Safe-Serv book.}
Liz: How's the reading going?
Greg: {sarcasm} It's lovely. I didn't know Tolstoy wrote food-service text books.

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