February 22, 2002

Cast: Tony, Greg

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tony is stood next to table. Greg is sat at the table, looking completely zoned out. Can of pepsi on table.}
Tony: Hey.. What's up?
Greg: {tired} oOg?

Panel 2

Tony: Greg? Greg? What's wrong?
Greg: {tired} 'zAt yOu, GoD?

Panel 3

{Tony grabs the can off the table.}
Tony: What are- What!? Caffiene-free pepsi!?
Greg: {tired} sLeePy...

Panel 4

{Tony puts the can down and turns around, pointing at Greg.}
Tony: Someone get a Jolt Cola!! Greg's trying to kill himself!!
Greg: {tired} eVErYthing... sO dARk...

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