February 21, 2006

Cast: Greg, Reid

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Panel 1

{Greg is stood wearing a backpack. Reid is sat behind counter. Box at bottom.}
Greg: Hey, uncle Reid!* We're in the same class? How cool is that?!
Reid: Hey Greg! Glad you were able to get everything together to get in!
Box: *See Real Life #1,567, November 7, 2005!

Panel 2

{Greg sits next to Reid and looks forward. Greg has taken his backpack off.}
Greg: Man, it's crazy being back in school, isn't it?
Reid: Nope. It's all just like yesterday.

Panel 3

{Greg looks at Reid.}
Greg: Yea- Wait, are you serious? This doesn't feel weird to you?

Panel 4

Reid: I graduated high school a few years before you were born. I'm older than the teacher. Weird doesn't even begin to cover it.

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