February 20, 2002

Cast: Tony, Greg

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tony is stood next to the table holding a package. Greg is sat at the table.}
Tony: Package came for you, bro.
Greg: Sweet!

Panel 2

{Tony lowers his hands. Greg stands up and places package on table, opening it.}
Tony: What is it?
Greg: I ordered a set of replica rings from the "Lord of the Rings" movie.

Panel 3

{Greg holds the one ring with the connected chain. Greg looks at Tony.}
Tony: Hey, that's pretty cool!
Greg: And the "one ring" even comes on the chain from the movie!

Panel 4

{Tony crosses his arms. Greg puts the one ring on and tries to hold himself up.}
Tony: Quit messin' around, dude. I know it's not real.
Greg: I'm not messing around! They must have made this thing from lead or something!

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