February 16, 2000

Cast: Crystal, Dave, Greg

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Crystal and Dave are sat at the table looking at each other.}
Crystal: So, Greg's been re-reading "Jurassic Park".
Dave: Yeah... You remember what happened last time he read it...

Panel 2

{Greg arrives. Greg has his hands on his head in fear. Crystal and Dave are looking at Greg.}
Greg: {scared} Run for your lives!!! The raptors have gotten out!! They're breeding!!

Panel 3

{Greg begins to leave, waving his arms around in the air.}
Greg: {scared} The electric fences aren't working!! Save yourselves!!

Panel 4

{Greg leaves. Crystal looks at Dave.}
Crystal: Why have we not put him in a strait-jacket and a padded room?
Dave: I've checked into it... It costs an arm and a leg to pad a room, and strait-jackets are special-order only.

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