February 13, 2002

Cast: Greg, Tony

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Greg is sat at his computer pointing at the monitor. Tony is stood behind Greg.}
Greg: Okay, check it out. Here's how rifles work in AO. See that guy? The one waaaay out there?
Tony: Yeah...

Panel 2

{Greg stops pointing.}
Greg: I just target him and enter combat mode. I fire automatically.
Tony: But he can't hit you until he reaches you?

Panel 3

{Greg looks at Tony.}
Greg: No... Not unless he uses ranged weapons.
Tony: That doesn't seem fair...

Panel 4

{Tony points at Greg.}
Greg: Tony, it's called realism.
Tony: The hell it is! He's taken a full clip to the dome, and he's still kicking your ass.

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