February 11, 2002

Cast: Tony, Greg

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tony is stood behind Greg. Greg is searching through the couch on his knees.}
Tony: What's up?
Greg: I've got a huge craving for mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Panel 2

{Tony raises an eyebrow. Greg looks at Tony.}
Tony: And that relates to digging through the couch how...?
Greg: Payday's not till Friday, and I'm trying to scrounge up enough change to grab a quart at the store.

Panel 3

{Tony lowers eyebrow.}
Tony: Ooh... That sounds pretty good. How much you up to?
Greg: I've got $1.42 so far.

Panel 4

{Tony raises his hand slightly and looks down. Greg looks at the couch.}
Tony: Sweet. Here's 75 cents I found in the dryer.
Greg: Cool! And here's a quarter! We'll be eatin' ice cream in no time!

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