February 1, 2002

Cast: Dave, Greg

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Dave is sat at the table holding a magazine. Greg is stood next to table with his arms out to his sides wearing a Pepsi shirt.}
Greg: Hey Dave, check out what I got!
Dave: Good lord, isn't that the shirt pepsi delivery guys wear?

Panel 2

{Dave points at Greg. Greg lowers arms.}
Dave: Did you mug a pepsi delivery guy?! Bad Greg! Bad! No Bone!
Greg: Relax... I got it on eBay.

Panel 3

{Dave lowers hand and raises eyebrow.}
Dave: Why the hell would you buy such a thing?
Greg: Cause... You know what a pepsi freak I am.

Panel 4

{Dave puts his magazine down and crosses his arms. Greg rubs his chin in thought.}
Dave: You weren't planning to use it to sneak into PepsiCo and make off with free soda, were you?
Greg: Well, I wasn't...

And just to allay your fears, no, he's not going to be wearing it from now on. :)

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