Real Life character
Evil Tony
Gender: Male
Hair: Shaved
Age: Unknown
Job: Artificial Intelligence
First appearance: May 11, 2000
First line: "Please state the nature
of computer emergency."

Evil Tony (also known as The Tony of Pure Evil) is a piece of intelligence stored away on Crystal's computer, Navi. He was originally a hologram.

History Edit

Hologrammatical Errors Edit

Originally built as a hologram on May 11, 2000, he was a part of the Emergency Geek Hologram. However, the invention was connected to the network at the time, and due to the intelligence of the machine, the Emergency Geek Hologram sent Evil Tony across the network and into Crystal's computer, Navi.

It started to corrupt several of Crystal's games, including Diablo II and Half-Life, making it impossible to complete said video games. While Tony Flansaas, Greg Dean and Dave Reynolds attempted entering the computer via PAL's hologrammatic skills, Evil Tony was irritating Crystal by forcing her to kick Navi, only to be electrocuted in return.

Inside the mainframe, Tony challenged Evil Tony to come out, and he accepted, only for Tony to reveal that he had a chip to turn Evil Tony solid. He was punched in the face by his good counterpart and was soon placed in a machine that completely disintegrated him.

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